Career Snapshots

Over the past seven years I've had the pleasure and honor to work with amazing artists and storytellers. Here are some of the productions I was lucky to be a part of.

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"Nabucco" by G. Verdi with placido domingo at the la opera

For this production I joined the LA Opera's Movement Ensemble and I am so thankful to have passed three months surrounded by amazing artists, Italian opera music and the immense talent of Plácido Domingo, who was celebrating 50 years on the stage.

The powerful tale is loosely based on the historical and biblical figure of Nebuchadnezzar, a mighty king whose madness is cured by divine intervention. In Thaddeus Strassberger’s production, the towering drama is exquisitely presented as it might have been staged at its 1842 premiere at Teatro alla Scala. Plácido Domingo continues his astonishing exploration of the Verdi baritone repertory with his portrayal of the title role, with one of today’s brightest stars, Liudmyla Monastyrska, making her company debut as the king's power-hungry daughter, Abigaille.


"distan vision" produced, written and directed by francis ford coppola

Francis Ford Coppola came one step closer to realizing his live cinema project called “Distant Vision” with the completion of a two-month workshop shot at his alma mater, UCLA. Seventy Theater, Film and TV students served as active crew throughout all facets of production, operating more than 40 cameras. The “proof of concept” footage was broadcast and streamed live Friday night at UCLA.

In this amazing production I played an Italian mechanic who lives in Brooklyn in the 1920s. During this amazing experience I even got the chance to drive a 1916 FORD 1!!   Check out the video below to see some behind the scenes:

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"midsummer nights dream" by w. shakespeare directed by ellen lauren

In this amazing production directed by CITI Company co-founder and artistic director Ellen Lauren, I played Francis Flute/Thisbe (as well as Egeus). The show was reimagined during the "Okies" migration to California in the 1930s, escaping the ruin of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. The show performed during a period when Southern California was going through a terrible draught, which inspired us to tell investigate through this lens. In the process I played the piano, learned how to play guitar and harmonica, as well as tap dancing.


"three sisters" by A. Chekhov

After performing in Italy "The Marriage Proposal," "The Seagull" and "Uncle Vanya," this was my first Chekhov production in the US. I had the amazing opportunity to play the Baron Tuzenbach, a truly amazing character which has made a truly taught me a lot about acting and the pursuit of one's dreams.


"i giorni del buio" directed by gabriele lavia

Bodies perched on a pyramid of shopping carts,  dragged in the dark night by semi-naked souls, covered in clay and dust. Bodies uprooted, nomads, shouting, harmless, crazy, poetic, marginalized, or alone by a purely personal choice. Gabriele Lavia directed 19 micro-plays taken from true stories from the homeless community of Rome in show "The Days of Darkness."

After writing a monologue from various recorded personal interviews, I portrayed Caesar, a homeless man from Macedonia who wandered the streets of Rome. The immense stage of the Teatro Argentina in Rome was the perfect space to explore the physical and vocal universe of these amazing human beings, under the guidance of a master of the stage such as Lavia.


Audiobooks and Narration

I have had the pleasure and honor to record the following audio reels at Penguin Random House Studios in Los Angeles, next to my mentor, teacher and one of the greatest audiobook narrators in the world, Scott Brick. Thank you for listening.


"If this is a man" by Primo levi

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"La solitudine dei numeri primi" by paolo giordano

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